My Rehab Experience

Why go into Rehab?

It reminds me of the Amy Winehouse song saying, “They tried to make me go to rehab and I said no no no.”  That’s how I was.  Going into it kicking and screaming.  Oh, my family had the dreaded “Talk,” with me.  Maybe the best and worst experience of my life.  Having to hear how my addition had severely hurt those I truly care about.

The good was that it awoke me to the reality of what I was doing to my family.  I looked up drug addition and addiction recovery.  I found a rehab clinic  by a simply search in google.

I called the number and was afraid of the judgement and persecution that would come with the call.  However, there was no judgement.  Instead I was treated with respect and privacy.  I was not another number, but was someone to be valued.

Is there hope for me?

You may be asking if there is hope for your situation and the answer is YES!  There is always hope as long as your heart is beating and your brain is working.  It means you are alive and that you absolutely deserve help.

What’s the secret to Rehab?

There is no secret sauce.  You just have to have the courage to pick up the phone and call.  To let go of the self hate and abuse.  To decide that you want something better for yourself and those you love.  Don’t talk yourself out of doing the right thing.


The Best New Diet



One type of intermittent fasting, alternate day fasting known as (ADF), involves a 24-hour long fast that is followed by a 24-hour period of non-fasting. Alternate-day calorie restriction under basic research for whether it can prolong life.  You can also choose fasting 23 hours with only one meal per day.

Some contexts, fasting allows the consumption of a minimal amount of low-calorie fluids such as coffee or tea. Modified fasting includes limiting calorie intake ( 20% of normal calorie intake) on fasting days opposed to none at all, retaining many of the benefits of intermittent fasting.

Generally, forms may choose to specify ratios of fasting opposed to non-fasting periods. The BBC Horizon documentary called Eat, Fast and Live Longer covered people who promised to fast two non-consecutive days per week. Called the 5:2 diet, people in total consumed 400–500 calories (women) or 500–600 calories (for men) during these days of fasting. However, during feed days, the diet was regular.

3 Best Ways to Stay Harder Longer

How To Stay Harder Longer


It’s something you never talk about with your friends…..ever.  It’s the one thing a guy never wants to admit or think about.  But, it is something that happens to more guys than you know.

How to last longer in bed!  Of course I’m not talking about myself.  I am a magician, a natural, a regular stud in the sack.  I could never be plagued with this insidious thing called premature…er…something or another.

Yeah Right!  I have had to battle this myself so if you have been in my shoes you know how tricky of a subject this can be.  It’s embarrassing and you don’t want anyone to know about it especially not your significant other.  Honest is the best policy except when it comes to this.  “Yes hi, my name is Paul, I’m a nice guy with a great body, good career, and I last close to one minute in bed.”  Yup, you might want to leave that out of your profile.  May not want to say it on the first date either.

Well I’m not holding anything back in this post.  Here are the three best ways to last longer in bed.

1. Stay Calm

The more excited you get the easier it is to blow your load early.  So simply breathe.  It is kind of like working out.  You need to breathe after each repetition so that your body doesn’t feel all the strain.  Go slow and breathe.

When you are in the middle of sex and you feel that you are about to lose it, remind your self to breathe.  Take in a small slow breath.  After a moment exhale.  You need to practice this often.

It is also a good tip to breathe along with your partner.  It creates a deeper bond and intimacy.  She won’t notice you doing it and she will feel closer to you and you to her.

2. Think happy thoughts, but not too happy.

If you are already hard and having sex there is enough physical stimulation to keep you that way.  Stay in the moment.  Don’t fantasize at this point.  Focus on her.  Focus on pleasing her.  Pay close attention to how she moves and how she moans.  You may even want to ask her, “How does that feel?”  Or “Tell me what you like.”  Whisper it and keep it playful.  It’s not an interrogation.  If she feels like you are asking in order to please her she will let you know.

Have confidence in yourself.  Know that she wouldn’t be in bed with you if she wasn’t attracted to you.  If you get overly excited put your focus on the room or her hair, something nice but not overly sexual.

3. If you go, just keep going.

So if you are in the situation where you went early, then a good idea is to just keep going.  Now there are a few things to know with this technique.  The first is if you are using a condom you will need to put on another condom.  You need to be quick.

Don’t worry about what she is thinking or saying.  Just get on another condom as quick as you can.

If she is using birth control or some type of control method where a condom is not needed, this is even easier.  Just keep going.  Now, you may be worried if you are going to go soft on her.  This is where you do the opposite of step 2 and think of the sexiest thoughts you can.  Picture her in the craziest positions.  Think of the sexiest scenarios and situations you can.  Then just keep going.  Eventually you will start getting excited again.  If you keep going you should stay hard and after awhile you will have a second orgasm which is even better than the first one.

Ultimately the goal is to make sure she is pleased not that you are pleased.  Trust me, if she is happy, you will be happy.  Don’t be selfish!

If these tips seem to basic to you I would suggest an amazing product that I came across the other day.   I’m not talking about expensive pills or surgery.  Only a natural way to stay harder longer.

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